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Interesting Releases

One of the oddest appearances of a Live song can be found on the 1999 American widescreen "Collector's Edition" DVD release of Kevin Smith's Mallrats. For years, Live fans and collectors have been puzzled at the appearance of the unreleased Throwing Copper outtake called Lift Me Up which can be heard for a number of seconds during a very short deleted scene found in the bonus section of this DVD. Until recently, nobody had bothered doing any research into how Kevin Smith and View Askew Productions got ahold of the song. In the mid-'90s, there was a demo cassette of Throwing Copper-era material passed through the mail in the form of a cassette bootleg. Among the songs on this cassette was a low-quality version of the song which grew on most every fan at the time, and has continued to be an unreleased favourite in the Live community. The band never mentioned any plans to release the song through any means, which only added to the mystery of why it was apparently going to be in the Mallrats movie, and possibly even on the soundtrack in high quality sound. For 8 years this went unquestioned...until I decided to do some investigating.

I recently had an opportunity to bring up this issue with Mallrats director Kevin Smith himself, and I have to say that I got a pretty satisfactory answer. Below is a transcript of our conversation, edited only to obscure names of record industry personnel:

John Benson:

Dear View Askew crew (sorry),

It's a bit long, but please hear me out.

My name is John Benson and I am an avid collector of the band Live (in fact I have over 800 releases which contain the band in some fashion or another). I mention this in part because I know that Kevin collected (or still collects) comics, and also because my View Askew-related question involves the band Live. I believe I may have a question you have not been asked yet. People must say that all the time, I'm sure. But, this particular question deals with a very short bit of deleted footage that was made available on the original Mallrats DVD from 1999, but not on the 10th anniversary re-release. The piece I'm referring to is an 11-second clip running from 55:56 - 56:07 in the deleted scenes section of the original Mallrats DVD. It's the scene where we see La Fours rising out of the easter basket during sex with Trish (although Vincent Pereira comments that it's actually Claire Forlani's hand we see reaching up to pull La Fours back down into the basket). On the upper right corner of the screen during this scene is a timer which runs from 07:02:12 - 07:02:23 (in case that helps you track original source material, which it likely doesn't).

So, what am I getting at? Well, during this deleted scene you hear the beginning 11 seconds of an unreleased song by Live called Lift Me Up. The only lyrics you hear is the first line of the song ("Hold me up in the palm of your hand"). This is a song which was recorded for Live's 1994 album Throwing Copper but never made the final cut of the record. Recording and production of this song would have taken place around the same time much of the filming for Mallrats was being done. The full song was leaked to fans of the band by way of cassettes traded in the mail, but the sound quality was horrible - almost unlistenable. Thirteen years later, and fans of Live have still not been able to track down a quality recording of this song. In fact, the version we all got on dubbed tape back in the day remains the only version to have surfaced. Yet, somehow this song appears in this deleted scene with MUCH clearer sound quality than the one passed among fans.

Anyway, the scene got cut, and so did the song from the movie. So, my question to Kevin (or Vincent or anyone else who might be qualified to answer it) is: How did the View Askew team get in possession of a high-quality version of Live's unreleased song Lift Me Up? Furthermore, is there any way for me to convince View Askew to dig this track up from the vaults and make the full thing available to me? If lining up all the male crew members and blowing them one by one is the way, then I suppose that's what I'll have to do. But, keep in mind that while I have all the time in the world for such activities, your schedules might not work with mine.