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Scanning Policy

If you have an item which you do not see images for in Live Collector's Resource, and would like to contribute images, I kindly ask you to read this section first. Thank you.

I know that some of you won't mind this, but others will. Since I've now done so many scans for this discography, I've kind of developed a strategy and a few standards which have to be met, in order for an image to be allowed into the discography. What I'd like to have happen from this point onward is I'd like to be doing all the scanning for the discography myself. This means that if you have an item which is not listed or does not have images readily available for it in the discography, and you want images in the discography, then I will require you to physically send me the release for scanning (I will pay for shipping both ways, as long as we go only surface or airmail...nothing fancy like Express). Some people won't mind this, because anyone I've dealt with in the past knows that I can be trusted. Sure, I'm a collector, but I have enough respect to not steal your items. As a collector, I know how much collectors value their items. I also promise to take extremely good care of your items while they're in my possession.

I have done it this way before. I've borrowed items to scan (this was in the days of Swami's Extremely Comprehensive Live Picture Discography v1.0), and I've always been very fast in returning them. I won't have any of your items in my possession for more than a day (unless the package arrives on a Friday). Like I said, some people will probably hesitate to ship me their items for scanning, because they have no past experience with me, so they don't know whether to trust me or not.

In the event that an item got lost in the mail (either on its way to me, or back to you), I would replace it somehow, though I haven't figured this one out yet. I fear that if I say I'll replace it with a sum of money, then anyone could deny receiving their items that I ship back to them, and I could face a whole lot of debt because people figure it's free cash. On the other hand, if an item never reaches me, people might think that I've stolen it and am making up the excuse that it never arrived. This can get complicated. It's basically a trust game. If you trust me, I'll trust you, and we'll all be happy. Your item will be scanned, you'll get credit for providing it to me, and your item will be sent back off to you within 24 hours.

This new policy is just so that I can keep the standards I've created for the images and to make sure that everything has the same look to it. It is necessary. If you wish for an item you have to be scanned, please contact me via e-mail, and we can work out all the necessary details (basically, address exchange).