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A Brief History of the Live Discography

Live Collector's Resource is the latest (and possibly final) version of the Live discography I have been maintaining since 1999. Originally, the discography was all on one page, with no images, and only a small handful of releases known to me at the time. On October 19th, 1999, I released the very first version of the discography, having worked on it since August of 1998. At that stage, it was called swami's Extremely Comprehensive Live Discography. It was not long until I started scanning items from my collection and including those scans in the discography. Thus, the name quickly changed to swami's Extremely Comprehensive Live Picture Discography, which was an inconveniently long name.

The discography was fairly resourceful even then, but it looked really plain. Everything was depressingly gray and linear. This prompted me to change the appearance of the discography. The months of May through July of 2001 were spent designing what would be the more aesthetically pleasing discography. A major drawback occurred on May 31st, when I lost most of the scans I'd made because Geocities (my host at the time) deleted two of my storage accounts. Despite this, on July 28th, 2001, swami's Extremely Comprehensive Live Picture Discography v2.1 went online. Version 2.0 never saw the light of day because it was scrapped when Michael Van den Bergh told me it looked bad.

Version 2.1 looked a damn site better than Version 1.0 (the original release), but it was still being hosted by Geocities, which meant that the amount of information would have to be limited, and I could only have a very small number of images. This simply was not satisfactory. So, in April of 2002, I began rescanning all the releases which I had lost in May of 2001, and I bought On May 14th, 2002, swami's Extremely Comprehensive Live Picture Discography v2.2 went online. It was completely off of Geocities. The discography now contained scans of 231 items, whereas Version 2.1 only contained scans of 24 items (over time, there ended up being over 300 scanned items). This was the most involved update the discography had ever undergone. It looked the same as Version 2.1, but there was so much more to look at. This major advancement would not have been possible without the help and support of my good friend Herman Hanschke at Vimar Computer Services Inc..

Myself and everybody around me seemed to be very happy with Version 2.2, until I started having second thoughts about it in late 2002/early 2003. The information and the images were fine, but I wasn't too happy with the layout. It could still be better. swami's Extremely Comprehensive Live Picture Discography v2.2 saw its last update on January 10th, 2003. I grabbed a general template for the new version of the discography, modified it a whole bunch, started recoding everything, scanned a number of new items I'd received since Version 2.2 stopped being updated, and began to put up teasers for the new discography. I decided not to refer to this new discography as Version 2.3 or Version 3.0, but to name it something much shorter. The teasers I had put up only refered to it as LCR. Anticipation grew as I worked behind the scenes on what would become Live Collector's Resource. Now, it is finally here. Enjoy!