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Herman Hanschke @ Vimar Computer Services Inc.

I owe the most credit to Herman Hanschke. Herman is responsible for hosting Live Collector's Resource on the Vimar server, and for allowing me unlimited space and bandwidth, as well as managing the financial aspect of the website maintenance. Thanks to Herman's generosity, I am able to provide Live collectors worldwide with high-quality scans of hundreds of Live's releases in what is the most comprehensive and informative Live discography available anywhere.

He has never failed in providing help whenever it was needed, and his friendship has been unfailing. Simply put, Live Collector's Resource would not exist if it wasn't for Herman.

Matthew Canning @ BodyBuilding Pro

Matt Canning deserves a great deal of credit for motivating me to get Live Collector's Resource up and running. I taught him some basic HTML skills so that he could begin a bodybuilding website of his own. When I saw how motivated he was to completing his project and getting it a respectable web address, it inspired me to create Live Collector's Resource. Without seeing him work day and night on his website, I might not have decided to improve on my website at all. Without Matt, I might still be running this website off of Geocities, and the website as you currently see it would never have come to exist.

Thank you Matt for your inspiration, faith, and undying friendship in getting this project done.

Bob Givnin @ The Official Phokus Website

Bob Givnin has been the best online friend anyone could ever ask for. His interest in Live collecting, his constructive criticism, and his willingness to be a guinea pig for me when I try new things out has been pivotal in the consturction of Live Collector's Resource. Bob has also provided a number of items to me for scanning purposes, and has acted as the middleman between myself and US-only eBay purchases. I thank Bob for his friendship and constant communication with me about all things Live-related.